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View the PDF document Histamine in artisanal tuna fisheries of the Pacific Islands
Author(s): Chamberlain, T.
Series: USP Marine Studies Technical Report
Serial No.: 2000/06
ISSN: 1018-2896
Publisher: Marine Studies Programme, The University of the South Pacific
Date: 2000
ASFA Keywords: Histamines, Tuna fisheries, Artisanal fisheries, Processing fishery products
Location: PIMRIS Library

View the PDF document A socio-economic survey of Northeast Macuatu Province, Fiji : a report on living standards prior to implementing a Coastal Fisheries Development Assitance Project prepared for the Japanese Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation
Author(s): Nandial, S., Kumar, L., Rajan, J., Veitayaki, J.
Publisher: Institute of Marine Resources, The University of the South Pacific
Date: 2002
Notes: The aim of the survey was to determine the standards of living of artisanal fishers in the area
ASFA Keywords: Artisanal fisheries, Marine resources, Processing fishery products, Resource management

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